Additional Services

Ask us how to add one or more of these services to create your own unique package!

Engagement Video

There is more than one way to make an engagement video! We can be there for the special moment to film inconspicuously, capturing the complete surprise and passion of the moment. Or, we can film a video to announce your engagement in a variety of different ways depending on your desired style. Either can be used as the perfect way to begin telling your love story through the power of film.

360 video

Enjoy your wedding experience through the latest and greatest in film technology. Immerse yourself the most memorable parts of your wedding in a 360 degree virtual reality experience viewable on mobile or desktop. Include friends and family that couldn't make it to your wedding in the moment with full audio and user controlled viewing. This feature is impressive addition to any package and can provide the most captivating experience to relive moments you will always treasure.  


First Dance

We will make a special chapter within your DVD set that has the first dance featured with audio of the song and dance professionally recorded and edited for a cinematic experience you can relive step by step, moment by moment.  

Special Toast

Do you want to hear your maid of honor's speech over and over again? Do you want to relive seeing your groom tear up during your father's speech? We can add an additional chapter so you can experience the words of your loved ones and your unforgettable reaction again and again. This is a great opportunity to see the speeches in their entirety rather than a brief highlight in the cinematic feature. Don't miss a single word!

Cake Cutting

Who got frosting on whose face first? Now you have the evidence and all the fun of the special moments of cutting the cake together. Add this additional chapter in your DVD set to relive all the fun and flavor again.  

Garter Toss / Bouquet Toss

Sometimes the garter and bouquet toss can take on an exciting twist that no one was expecting. We can edit and sew the segment of this event together so that nothing is missed.

First Dance

The first dance is an emotional time for any bride and groom and can be specially filmed with multiple camera angles and edited together for a spectacular addition to your DVD experience with the reactions of the family and heartfelt ending of the dance that will forever be encapsulated in time.

First Look

The first look is a special moment when both bride and groom see each other for the first time. It is truly an irreplaceable moment with sweet words, smiles and genuine excitement between only the special couple. We record professional audio and multiple camera angles while respecting your privacy to fully capture the unique intimacy of this moment. Remember this unique, private moment forever.

GoPro Video

Capture the candid fun of your wedding with GoPro! We can produce a GoPro video short that allows the video to be shot from your perspective or pass it around the bridal party and guests. After the celebration we will edit the footage and deliver a unique 1st person perspective into the events of the day that can be an amusing addition to your DVD package.

Guest Video Messages

Indulge in GoPro footage of all your guest leaving video messages and stories edited together on a separate chapter with you DVD package. Having your love ones share their experiences and perspectives of your relationship and toasting to your marriage can truly be a cherished addition to any video package. 

Special Send Off

Some weddings have a planned spectacular send off that you don't want to miss from any angle. Enjoy a chapter of the send off by itself with multiple angles and audio of the wedding party as we capture your exit. Our edited send off chapter makes for a dramatic and unique sequence that is sure to put you right back in the moment, joining the rest of the world as man and wife.

Special Performance

No two wedding are the same, and if you have a special performance that is included in your day, we want to offer you a special chapter that encapsulates the entire performance uninterrupted. Delight in a beautiful array of music and imagery that will bring each moment back to life on an easily viewable chapter in your DVD.

Pre / Post Interview

A pre or post wedding interview can truly take the emotions and sincerity of the act of marriage to a whole new level. Relive the emotions as each partner privately shares their feelings and affection for one another in beautiful interview style film. This chapter will be cherished as you grow old with your partner and remember the precious love and tenderness that brought you together.