Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life. The number of hours of thought, planning, and preparation do not compare to any other day. No birthday or holiday gets as much attention as a wedding day.

It makes sense, too. A wedding marks the end of two individual lives and the beginning of a beautiful union. Marriage is a lifelong commitment to your partner; a promise that through good times and bad, you will always be by their side. It is the greatest commitment you will ever make, and dedicating an entire day to the celebration of these vows is only natural.

We love being a part of weddings. As filmmakers, we get to experience the entire day right next to our clients- from the apprehension in the morning, to the rush of saying “I Do,” to the laughter and dancing through the night.

We believe in the value of great wedding photos. Photos can be printed out, held, and framed on the wall. We also believe that every bride deserves an amazing video of her wedding day. Video has the voices of the day, the clapping, and the laughter. Video captures the emotions of moments as they happen. Video reminds you what it felt like to be there.

If you’re currently planning your wedding, we hope you have saved room in your budget for an amazing wedding video. After the cake is eaten and the flower arrangements are recycled, all that is left of this special day are your memories. How will you preserve yours?