A Black And White Themed Wedding

Meet Leila

As the owner of a dance studio, Leila likes to be hands-on and involved with anything that has her name on it. So when it came to planning her wedding, she went to great lengths to make sure the day would be spectacular.

Leila spent many hours planning all the details; from a hand-painted welcome sign to the crystals to be hung from the altar. She planned for photo opportunities with her photographer, including a side-by-side photo with her husband in a classic Lincoln Continental, and a grand exit with sparklers.

As the big day approached Leila realized she had not included a videographer in her plans. Her wedding was going to be a magical affair, and she needed a video with the same level of production to preserve the memories.

Enter TRIFOCUS media

We met with Leila just three weeks before her wedding and she quickly filled us in on the details that mattered most to her. She also asked us to make a blooper reel of funny outtakes that wouldn't be included in the feature film. We decided the best package for Leila would be the cinematic film package so we could cover all the important moments from her day.

During our consultation Leila shared that her best friend would be unable to attend the wedding due to an unexpected circumstance. This was upsetting because her maid of honor would not be present on her big day. We knew right away how important it would be to create a film that encompassed the wedding so Leila could share it with her best friend later.

The Big Day

On Leila's wedding day there were many emotional moments as well as excitement and joy. After the ceremony, one of the groomsmen pulled us aside and informed us that Kevin, Leila's husband, had a surprise for her: he was going to perform a strip tease at the reception! We quickly planned on how to best capture the surprise. We got in place to film Leila's surprise and the entire dance.

Bringing It All Together

After the wedding we began carefully going through all the footage, finding the best scenes and moments from the day. We wanted to showcase Leila's bubbly personality, Kevin's old-school-cool, and the energy of their love for each other. We included audio from throughout the day to give the film a voice that told Leila and Kevin's story. Lastly, we found music that matched the theme of the wedding and their personalities. The feature film can be viewed below:

Finishing The Package

With the cinematic wedding film complete, we set out to create the blooper reel and a custom DVD case for Leila. Due to our complete coverage of the wedding day, we had plenty of footage for the blooper reel; there were many funny moments you normally don't find in wedding videos!

When designing the DVD, we matched the black and white theme Leila had chosen for her wedding, to complete the package. 

Happily Ever After

The entire package was ready within five months, and is a beautiful time capsule of Leila and Kevin's wedding day. We loved spending the day with them and wish them the best in their marriage!